Description of Gold Watches


When one thinks of gold watches they typically think of Rolex.  However, there are a lot more gold watches than simply Rolexes throughout the last century that have brought style and status across the globe.​

Gold pocket watches were the first type of small, personal watch to be invented.  The pocket watch was small enough to fit into the "pocket" and was not adorned around the wrist.

Wrist watches were invented in the middle ages but did not become mainstream until the 1800's.  Wrist watches were very functional, and used by militaries before they became commonplace amongst consumers.

Gold is soft and malleable, so gold watches are not made of 24K, or pure gold.  Gold watches are often made of 18K gold to strengthen the metal against scratching and nicks.

Rolex entered into the gold watch market at the turn of the 20th century and made gold watches a fasionable time piece to adorn the arm as a wristwatch.

Modern day smart 18K gold smart watches like "Apple Watch" is a digital watch, and allows users to synch up their watch with their smart phones.

To describe or define gold watches as one, defined type of watch is impossible as gold watches have evolved throughout their history, from gold pocket watches to modern day gold smart watches.



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