How To Value Your Gold Watch

Chances are the value of your gold watch is worth more than the scrap metal of the gold, as there is also a collectibility value.  This is often not the case when valuing other jewelry pieces such as gold bracelets and gold chains.

The brand of the gold watch is very important in understanding it's collectibility value.  The condition and age of the watch are also important factor in assessing the value of your gold watch.


The largest online marketplace place for gold watches is currently eBay.  To gain a valuation range of your gold watch online, it is recommended that you search eBay for a similar watch to your own.

Pure gold is 24K gold, 100%.  18K gold is equal to 75% gold content.

Below is an example of the physical gold content of a Rolex President Day Date - 18K Gold Watch:

Bezel back weight - 5.3 grams

Case back weight - 7.21 grams

Case ring weight - 18.5 grams

Total weight - 68.85 grams


18K / 24K = 75% gold

Total Gold Weight = 51.64 grams

Gold per gram = approx $63

51.64 Grams X's $63/gram = $3,250 of physical gold content